Gideon Sa’ar Hinting Again at Political Return?

August 26, 2015  

Has former Likud minister Gideon Sa’ar once again hinted at a return to politics and even a future prime ministerial bid?

Sa’ar spoke Wednesday at a conference in Netanya, Channel 10 reported, offering a statement that could very well be perceived as his personal vision for Israel’s future. 

“There were days when Israel’s prime minister also wanted to hold the defense portfolio, and many prime ministers did so,” Sa’ar noted. 

But, he continued, “I believe that education, higher education and research guarantee the future of Israel – so I believe that someday an Israeli prime minister will want to hold, in addition to his post, the education portfolio.” 

Such a prime minister will “give expression to the understanding that education is the most important thing, and will act according to this concept,” Sa’ar declared. 

According to Sa’ar – himself a former education minister – the quality of human resources as well as teachers and principals was the most important improvement needed in the Israeli education system. 

Last September, Sa’ar unexpectedly announced he was leaving politics, citing personal reasons. He later considered contending for the leadership of the Likud party, but ultimately announced he would not do so.   

Several weeks ago Sa’ar reportedly hinted of plans to return to politics at a gathering of Likud activists, saying, “in basketball a timeout takes one minute, in political life it takes about a year.”

Sa’ar immediately denied the reports, telling his followers on Twitter that when he does choose to return to the political arena, they will hear it directly from him. 

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