Germany Extradites ISIS Recruiter to France



Germany on Wednesday extradited a man suspected to have joined Islamic terrorists in war-torn Syria to his native France, AFP reported.

The 30-year-old, who was wounded in Syria, had been detained 10 days earlier at Berlin’s Tegel airport where he had arrived from Istanbul.

The suspect, who also allegedly took part in a militant video message, was sent to France by plane, Berlin prosecutors’ spokesman Martin Steltner told AFP.

A source close to the French investigation has identified the man as Tewffik Bouallag, born in Dreux west of Paris, who allegedly went to Syria last December and fought alongside the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).

He was detained on an warrant issued by Paris prosecutors that accused him of membership in a terrorist organization, according to AFP.

The extradition comes as the French government continues to be deeply concerned about the radicalization of its nationals after several citizens have gone to fight with jihadists in Syria, where ISIS is very powerful.

It unveiled an anti-terrorism plan in April to prevent radicalization, thwart online recruitment and make it more difficult for aspiring jihadists to leave the country.

Since then, authorities have arrested French Islamist Medhi Nemmouche, who is suspected of carrying out the Brussels Jewish Museum killings last month after spending a year fighting in Syria for ISIS.

On Tuesday, France said that one of its nationals had been arrested in Lebanon on suspicion of planning an attack under what a local newspaper claimed was the influence of ISIS.


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