Gaza Terrorist Rocket Attack Fired at Southern Israel

February 11, 2012  

Gaza terrorists fired a short-range Qassam rocket attack at southern Israel Saturday night. The missile landed in the Eshkol Regional Council district, in an open area.

The impact occurred less than a minute after the Color Red rocket alert siren sounded, warning residents to seek shelter from the impending attack.

No one was physically injured and there were no reports of property damage.

On Friday night, the peace of a family’s Sabbath evening was also shattered when the Color Red rocket alert siren failed to activate in the Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region district.

A Grad Katyusha rocket attack blew open a small crater between two homes in the area, spraying shrapnel in all directions.

A nearby electric pole was damaged, cutting power to both homes. The shrapnel also penetrated the walls of at least one of the houses as residents were sitting in the living room enjoying the evening.

By a miracle, no one was physically injured in the attack.

Gaza terrorists claimed the attack was launched in response to israeli gunfire near Beit Lahiyeh. The IDF allegedly retaliated for Gaza terror attacks on southern Israel earlier in the week, with gunfire having wounded an Islamic Jihad terrorist. An IDF spokeswoman denied knowledge of the incident.

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