Gaza Flotilla May Keep Shas MK from Son’s Wedding

June 22, 2015  

Strange as it may sound at first, an Arab MK’s plan to board a flotilla headed for Gaza could keep Shas MK Yaakov Mergi from attending his son’s wedding.

The reason is this: Mergi planned on being absent from the Knesset during votes that are scheduled to be held Monday evening, because of his son’s wedding.

Since the Coalition hangs on to power by a single-seat majority, every MK must be present at plenum votes on bills, for them to pas – unless the MK has obtained the agreement of an Opposition MK to mutual absence. That is, both MKs will be absent from the votes and therefore they will cancel out each other.

Mergi reached such a deal with Basel Ghattas (Joint List) but canceled it Monday when he learned that the reason Ghattas planned to be absent was his intent to take part in the flotilla.

Mergi told the Joint List and the Coalition Management that he is cancelling the agreement and that if he does not find someone else from the Opposition to cancel out with, he may attend the votes and then return to the son’s wedding.

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