Gaza: Arabs Fire at IDF Soldiers

June 14, 2012  

Arab terrorist guerillas fired at an IDF force that operated near the security fence separating Israel and Gaza early Thursday afternoon. No one was hurt.

Arab news outlets reported that the fire was directed at IDF jeeps and other military vehicles in eastern Gaza. There were no reports of casualties on the Arab side either.

Earlier in the morning, Arab snipers fired at a farmer who was working in the fields within the territory of the Eshkol Regional Authority. The farmer dodged the bullets and took cover behind his tractor. 

IDF forces were alerted by the gunfire and extricated the farmer safely. Military sources told Channel 2 that the IDF fired at the source of the Arab fire but that it is not clear if the sniper or snipers were hit.

About 20 Arabs rioted at the Bituniya checkpoint near Beit El Thursday and threw rocks at security forces. Two Border Policemen were lightly hurt. They received initial medical care on the spot and were evacuated to a hospital for further treatment.

Border Police used riot dispersal gear against the Arabs.

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