IDF Responds to Terrorist Rocket Attack with Overnight Air Strikes

December 9, 2011  

A terrorist rocket struck Israel Friday morning, in the general area of Sderot. No one was hurt and no damage was caused.

Arabs in terrorist controlled Gaza say that one person was killed and 20 were wounded in IDF air strikes overnight.

The IDF reportedly struck three different targets, including Hamas training camps in Gaza. A spokesman for the terror movement blamed Israel for “the escalation in the region.”

The IDF said that its aircraft hit sites of terror activity in southern Gaza another terrorist site in northern Gaza, and that accurate hits on target were reported.
A military spokesman said: “The IDF will not stand any attempt to hurt the citizens of the state of Israel and IDF soldiers and will continue to take resolute and forceful action against any element that employs terror against the state of Israel. Terror organization Hamas is the address and it bears the responsibility.”

Gaza terrorists fired five rockets at Israel’s southern population centers Thursday. Of these, two exploded in open spaces in and near Ashkelon, and one struck near Be’er Sheva.
Two terrorists were killed in IDF targeted strikes Thursday morning.

Arabs said that civilians were also hurt in the overnight IDF raids. The IDF stated in response that while it identified accurate hits on targets, “Additional explosions were caused because of the presence of weapons stores near the terror activity sites that were hit.”
The IDF “regrets the casualties among uninvolved persons but emphasizes once again that the responsibility rests with Hamas, which chooses to operate from within the civilian population and uses it as a human shield.”

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