French Police Officer Committed Suicide After Charlie Hebdo

January 13, 2015  

A high-ranking police official in Limoges, France committed suicide hours after interviewing the families of the Charlie Hebdo victims, the Telegraph reports Tuesday – and it is unclear whether the two are connected. 

Helric Fredou, 45, the deputy director of the regional police office in Limoges took his own life Wednesday night in the wake of the attack, which saw Islamist Said and Cherif Kouachi storm the offices of the paper and kill 12 people. 

Fredou did not leave a note, but colleagues noted he had been deeply affected by the suicide of the #3 official in the Limoges police force in 2013. 

Colleagues also told France 3 that he was “depressed and overworked” and had no spouse or children to redirect his focus. 

According to the Telegraph, the death follows an outpouring of love and support for the French police in the attack’s wake, as well as after several weeks of numerous Islamist attacks across the country. 

Banners bearing the phrase “we love the police” were seen during Sunday’s mega-rally to support Paris and condemn terror. 

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