Freed British ISIS Terrorist: Turkish Police Fed Us Pizza

January 16, 2015  

Turkey has been receiving increasing criticism for the ease with which Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists and other jihadists slip through its border to Syria; one British jihadist claims Turkish police completely sympathized with his ISIS cause while he was in jail – going as far as buying him Domino’s pizza.

Shabazz Suleman (19) was a student at the Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe before leaving to join ISIS. He was arrested by Turkey before being among the 180 terrorists freed in a prisoner exchange with ISIS last September, reports the British Daily Mail.

That exchange saw Turkey get back 46 citizens and diplomats, along with the release of three Iraqi staff captured when ISIS conquered Mosul in Iraq last June.

However, before being released by Turkey, Suleman says police let him and his fellow captives contact ISIS using internet from their cells, and identified with their jihadist cause – even buying them pizza.

“Cops were very friendly,” Suleman said in an online interview with the British The Times from the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa. “Understood why we wanted to fight in Syria. They hated (Bashar) Assad, Israel etc. Their ideology was that of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

He added “It was good lol. Had pizza in prison. Dominos lol. Was allowed net. We spoke to dawla (ISIS) in prison. Watched ISIS videos. Sang nasheeds (Islamic chants).”

Suleman said he originally was arrested by Turkey at the Syrian border as he tried to cross over to join ISIS, and was held with 35 other ISIS terrorists at an “open” prison in Sanliurfa, an hour from the Syrian border.

According to him, he was visited in jail twice by the Turkish intelligence agency MIT, given a fine, and threatened with deportation. But then he was given the opportunity to pick between being deported or being part of the ISIS prisoner exchange.

“After a month of waiting they told us buses are waiting outside for u. MIT ran the exchange. Told us we are free. Exchanged at border, We drove into dawla,” wrote Suleman.

The ISIS terrorists in the exchange are thought to have included three French citizens, two from Sweden, two from Macedonia, one from Switzerland and a Belgian, as well as Hisham Folkard (26), also from the UK.

As for Suleman, he currently serves as a sentry guard in Raqqa for the brutal ISIS terrorist organization.

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