Four indicted in the death of Haftom Zarhum

January 12, 2016  

Israel State Attorney’s Office filed an indictment in the Be’er Sheva District Court against four individuals suspected of involvment in the lynching of Haftom Zarhum

Zarhum, an Eritrean asylum seeker, was mistaken for a terrorist during a shooting attack in October inside the Be’er Sheva Central Bus Station.

David Moyal, IDF soldier Yaakov Shemba, Evyatar Demri, and Israel Prison Service (ISP) officer Ronen Cohen stand accused of aggravated assault and battery with attempt to cause harm.

The investigation was led by the Attorney General, and the indictment was filed after a hearing was held in which all of the accused were present, and with the permission of the State Attorney’s Office.  

The crime is a minor one, especially as the victim was found to have been killed by the gunshot that was fired in his direction, and not by the injuries sustained in the beating that he received.  

The indictment says “the victim was unconscious and bleeding on the ground and it was clear to everyone that he was unconscious. He was surrounded by a large group of people, when the accused, David Moyal took a bench and beat the victim, with the intention of causing severe injury, paralysis, or the loss of a limb.” 

“Some of the onlookers, pulled the accused away and took the bench from the victim, who remained unconscious on the floor. Soon afterwards, the accused soldier Yaakov Shemba and Evyatar Demri approached the victim and proceeded to kick him in his head and upper body, aggressively.”

“While the victim continued to lie unconscious on the floor, ISP officer Ronen Cohen approached him, picked up the bench and threw it on top of the victim to make certain that he would not be able to move.”

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