Former Likud minister slams Netanyahu’s ‘passivity’

January 19, 2016  

Former Likud minister Gideon Sa’ar offered harsh criticism of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday afternoon, accusing him of remaining too passive in the face of risks to Israel’s security. 

Speaking at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) conference in Tel Aviv, Sa’ar asserted, “You can’t achieve stability, let alone peace, by turning a blind eye to the new regional reality.”

According to Sa’ar, Netanyahu’s approach of “repetition and inaction” is “inappropriate and expected to continue eroding Israel’s strategic asserts. This approach will ensure we will meet future challenges from a much worse situation.” 

Sa’ar then accused Netanyahu’s government of settling for the detection and reporting of problems, without taking real action on the ground. 

“In recent years, passivity and responsiveness have not served Israel’s interest – not politically or with regard to security,” he charged, adding that “Israel must be active and take initiative, even in an environment of uncertainty outside its comfort zone.”

“Politically, the test is not the intent, nor is it the diagnosis or analytical ability,” Sa’ar asserted. “Politically, the test is action. To diagnose or describe threats is simply not enough. And when you don’t take initiative.. .you don’t get anywhere. 

Sa’ar, who left politics in September 2014, is considered the only contender with a real chance to supplant Netanyahu as Likud leader.

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