Foreign Ministry workers threaten Naftali Bennett

January 16, 2016  

The Foreign Ministry’s workers committee is threatening to not work with Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home), unless he apologizes for his recent comments.

“The State of Israel’s Education Minister expressed himself in a distorted manner against the Foreign Ministry’s employees. The meaning of his demand for Ministry workers to pass DNA checks casts doubt on the workers’ loyalty to the country, to its institutions, and to its government,” the committee stated.

They added that the outrageous remarks of individual pensioners who worked for the Foreign Ministry, such as Alon Liel, are no excuse for the minister’s unbridled campaign against the Foreign Ministry’s dedicated workers. “We take his comments very seriously and so we advise all Foreign Ministry workers not to work with Minister Bennett until we receive a clarification of his statement and an apology.”

Yesterday (Friday), Bennett criticized Foreign Ministry workers and hinted that they are not patriotic. He made his comments after former Foreign Ministry Director Alon Liel told audiences in Europe that they should increase the international pressure against Israel to end the “occupation” of Judea and Samaria.

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