Five soldiers indicted for hitting terrorists

October 29, 2015  

The Military Advocate General (MAG) on Thursday submitted indictments against five combat soldiers from the Netzah Yehuda Battalion of the Kfir Brigade, over suspicions that they struck two Arab terrorists in two separate incidents.

From the details of the indictments, which were submitted together with a request for detention until the end of legal proceedings, the five are suspected of kicking and slapping two terrorists who were arrested in villages around Jenin, in Samaria.

Ignoring the soldiers’ versions of the events, MAG chose to accuse them of the serious offense of “abuse under severe circumstances.”

Two other combat warriors were released after MAG reversed its announced intentions to submit an indictment against them.

In the case of the first Arab terrorist who it is claimed was struck by the fighters, it is agreed by all sources that he hit his own head against a wall and the floor in an apparent attempt to frame the soldiers.

The soldiers also argue that they hit him only when he refused to continue walking as they led him from the bathroom back to where he was being held at a military post.

The other terrorist complained that while being held at the unit’s war room, after being arrested on suspicions of possessing a weapon and involvement in terror attacks, soldiers passed by in the hallway and some of them kicked and slapped him several times.

It was reported on Thursday morning that the IDF Criminal Investigation Division (CID) searched for “right-wing statements” on the cell phones of the soldiers, as part of its attempts to incriminate them with assaulting the terrorists.

The Honenu legal aid organization which is representing the five soldiers condemned the indictment.

“The only abuse here is against IDF combat soldiers, and the ones who are responsible for this abuse are sources in the Military Advocate General and CID, who apparently are influenced by radical leftist organizations,” stated Honenu.

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