Five Arrested for Wounding Baby in Rock Attack

December 3, 2013  

Police have arrested five Palestinian Arab teenagers on suspicion of hurling rocks at an Israeli family last week in southern Jerusalem. The attack caused serious injury to a two-year-old girl.

All five suspects are residents of the PA-controlled town of Tzur Baher near Jerusalem. They have confessed to the attack, which they reenacted for investigators.

They told police that they had been hoping to cause injury because they hate Jews.

Police Chief Yohanan Danino spoke to Jerusalem District chief Yossi Pariente and praised Jerusalem Police for their hard work in the case. Rock throwing is terrorism in every sense of the word, Danino said, and the Israel Police will treat it as such.

Last week Pariente called on officers in Jerusalem to make every effort to catch those responsible for the attack.

The attack is part of a growing trend of Arab-on-Israeli terrorism in Jerusalem. A bus was attacked Monday in the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem, and a visibly Jewish man was attacked Sunday as he walked near the Old City.

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  1. IsraeliGirl143 says:

    Oh no! Poor Baby, I feel so bad for those parents because that is the worst thing in the world when your baby is hurt and this was intentional. How could someone do that? I hope the baby is ok.

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