First time in Israel: Business degrees in Ramat Gan and New York

August 4, 2016  

First Time in Israel: Business Degrees Studied in Ramat Gan and in New York!

The College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan now offers an undergraduate business degree track where after studying two years in Ramat Gan and one year at Long Island University’s Brooklyn campus, students graduate with two bachelor’s degrees in business administration.

Students looking to study business are now being offered the chance to finish their studies with a business degree focusing on globalization and commercial law from the College of Law and Business (CLB) in Ramat Gan. The course is taught for two years in Israel at the College of Law and Business and the final year at Long Island University (LIU) at the Brooklyn School of Business campus. This three-year program, taught entirely in English, opens opportunities for students around the world looking to graduate with two degrees: an American university degree and an Israeli degree while gaining international perspective and experience.

Recently, Ramat Gan-based CLB and Brooklyn-based LIU signed an agreement where courses taught in Israel will be recognized towards academic studies at Long Island University. While this might sound familiar for transfer students, this revolutionary cooperation allows students to matriculate in the New York-based university as seniors and graduate with two undergraduate degrees in business: a BA from the College of Law and Business and a B.Bs from Long Island University.

“This is a great fit between two schools with similar profiles: both are in urban settings with broad involvement in the local business environments, both understand the importance of giving students an international perspective, and both hold numerous academic ties worldwide to meet this end,” according to Shlomo (Momo) Lifshitz from Study in Israel who connected the two academic institutions.

“For our students, we try to provide as many global opportunities as possible. For law students, we offer the fast-track LL.M. with Chicago’s Kent College and Fordham Law University,” says Prof. Moshe Cohen Eliya, President of College of Law and Business in Israel. “Since all successful companies in Israel do business outside of the country in order to grow, this opportunity of studying abroad prepares students for the reality of business in Israel. Add to that a strong multicultural foundation, sharp business acumen, and insights into different modes of operation and their laws – these are the best skills we can teach our students.”

This collaboration is a brainchild of Momo Lifshitz, who established Lirom Global Education – Study in Israel with the vision of making Israel a center for global education. Mr. Lifshitz affirms: “I hope that students will flock to Israel, study business in Ramat Gan, and graduate from Long Island University. This affordable program, taught both in the Startup Nation and in the finance capital of the world, opens so many doors to students globally – they just have to come study in Israel!“

An on-campus open house event will be hosted at College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan on August 11th. To RSVP, visit . The event will also be available on Livestream.

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