Firefighters Attacked Twice in Haredi Jerusalem

August 10, 2015  

A firefighting crew was attacked twice by rioters throwing bricks, rocks and other projectiles as they tried to put out fires set to garbage dumpsters in northern Jerusalem on Sunday night.

The crew was working to put out a fire lit in a dumpster in Kikar HaShabbat, a central square in the haredi Meah Shearim neighborhood.

While working to extinguish the flames, they were hit by bricks and rocks, according to the firefighter spokesperson in Jerusalem.

The firefighting crew reported that just earlier on Sunday night, it was attacked while putting out a dumpster similarly set on fire on Shivtei Yisrael Street, located not far away to the north of the western part of the Old City.

In that assault, glass bottles and railings were thrown at them, and “only by luck and thanks to the fact that the crew members were wearing helmets on their heads were they not wounded by the bottles, the railings and the broken glass.”

The firefighter spokesperson in Jerusalem added that “Jerusalem firefighting and rescue services view with great severity the attack on firefighting crews time after time that could have harmed people.”

“Jerusalem firefighters intend to act in cooperation with law enforcement agencies so that this serious and unacceptable phenomenon ends immediately.”

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