Feiglin, Netanyahu Say Kaddish Together

May 3, 2012  

Among the numerous people who came to offer condolences to the grieving Netanyahu family this week was the Prime Minister’s challenger for leadership of the Likud, Moshe Feiglin. The Netanyahus are sitting shiva for the Prime Minister’s father, Prof. Benzion Netanyahu, at the Netanyahus’ home in the Katamon section of Jerusalem.

Feiglin described the occasion on his Facebook page, and explained that since his father recently passed away, he is obliged to lead prayers (has a ‘chiyuv’). Therefore he found himself leading the mincha prayer during the visit to the Prime Minister’s shiva.

“To my surprise,” he recounted, “the Prime Minister joined me at the end of the prayer to say Kaddish. We both stood and said ‘yitgadal veyitkadash shme Rabba’ [may the name of the Great Name of G-d be exalted and sanctified’ – ed.]. At that moment I did not think about it, but afterwards I thought to myself that a very big thing happened here – that the two people who competed for the top position [in Likud – ed.] announced together who is really in the helm.”

Feiglin also communicated his impression of Sarah Netanyahu, who is depicted by the Prime Minister’s foes as a domineering person.

“I must say that Sarah Netanyahu confused me completely. I came full of prejudice from everything that the gabbers gabber behind her back and found the exact opposite. A personable and charming woman.”

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