Feiglin: Israel is a Dictatorship, but Bibi Isn’t the Dictator

February 23, 2015  

MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud) wrote on his Facebook page Monday that he does not intend to vote for Likud under Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in the coming elections.

Feiglin, who has been pushed out of a realistic spot in Likud’s list and intends to form his own party – blames foul play by Netanyahu for this.

“I have no intention of voting for Netanyahu,” Feiglin began. “Now that Likud no longer contains the hope for a new vision, there remains only the hug with (Yasser) Arafat, the release of terrorists, the construction freeze, the support for the Disengagement and the paving of the way for the Iranian bomb.”

“I do not need the ‘scandals’ involving pistachios and bottles in order to know that the law is, for him, a flexible thing,” the maverick politician elaborated. “He has already proven this to me personally – and in a way that is much more severe than any scandal – in thefts and frauds that he arranged in every [primary] election campaign against me.”

“But Netanyahu is the preferred candidate of the Nation of Israel,” he admitted. “Not because they love him, but because the alternative is much worse and and much more corrupt.” Feiglin was referring to Labor head Yitzhak Herzog, “who remained silent in police investigations on suspicion of much more serious offenses, and the media, of course, was silent…”

However, he insisted that Netanyahu is not the real problem.

The deeper problem, Feiglin explained, is that “a small minority of public servants who were appointed by a small dictatorial circle is challenging the rule of the people.”

Netanyahu is to blame for this, too, he opined, because he agreed to appoint Yehuda Weinstein as Attorney General. Netanyahu “surrendered to the politburo of the ‘rule of law’ and now he is its complete prisoner.”

According to Feiglin, the elections are not really about candidates, parties and ideas: “Is the democracy a mask for an ‘enlightened’ dictatorship by a small, unelected circle, or is it real?” he asked rhetorically. “We all understand that the coming elections have no meaning.”

Instead, the MK explained – it is really all about scandals that are manufactured by the ruling circle. He hinted that the latest scandals involving senior police officers are also meant to ensure that the police cooperate with the ruling circle – or find themselves under investigation, too.

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