Favored Canadian PM Candidate Slams Anti-Terror Bill

September 12, 2014  

Canadian Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, who is favored to replace Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the 2015 elections, has sharply criticized newly proposed legislation to cancel the citizenship of terrorists.

The law would give authorities the power to cancel the Canadian citizenship of dual citizens who served in a foreign army or organization fighting against Canada, or who were charged with treason. It would target the growing number of Canadians joining terror groups in the Middle East and returning – potentially to conduct attacks.

While Harper has been making a strong push for the bill, Trudeau has critically opposed it.

When asked whether Canadians fighting in terror groups abroad should have their citizenship stripped, Trudeau answered that Canada has clear laws defining the punishment of terrorist acts.

Expanding on his answer, Trudeau said the idea of cancelling citizenship because of “behavior,” however worthy of condemnation it may be, is against the Canadian principles of what makes “Canadian identity.”

Trudeau in April spoke to a Farsi-language local newspaper, where he condemned Harper of pursuing a staunchly pro-Israel foreign policy so as to gain Jewish votes. Speaking to the Iranian-Canadian paper, he likewise called for rapprochement with Iran.

It is also worth noting that one of Trudeau’s top advisers, Gen. (ret.) Andrew Leslie, in August accused Israel of firing “indiscriminately onto Palestinian women and children” during Operation Protective Edge.

Regarding the new bill, which gives the authority to remove citizenship from those serving in foreign armies, Arab Canadians and radical leftist groups have called for it to be expanded to include those leaving to serve in the IDF, in a shocking equivocation of Israel and terror.

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