Father of Groom in Chandelier Disaster Cites Divine Intervention

June 23, 2015  

The managers of the Yavneh wedding hall behind last night’s chandelier disaster should be held responsible, father of the groom David Levi stated Tuesday. 

“This is grossly irresponsible,” Levi stated on Southern Radio on Tuesday, calling to hold the contractors who installed it responsible. 

He added that he was very close to where the chandelier fell.

“I heard a big noise, I did not know, I just saw people running and fleeing from the event, the second thing I saw was people lying on the floor with head injuries and blood … that’s what I have seen.” 

Levi also noted that he is a welder by profession – and it was he who was supposed to have welded that chandelier, but the owners had declined. 

“I thank God that I was not the one who made this light fixture […] my conscience would have been much worse.”

“This was all directed from heaven,” he continued. “There was no reason I was refused, they just gave it to another person and I’m very thankful,” he said. “I blame no one but those who installed it and the engineer who signed [the building permit].” 

One woman was killed and 21 injured during the incident, after a chandelier fell during a wedding with some 800 guests in attendance. 

The mother of the groom, Gila Levi, noted that she does not hold the owners of the hall responsible in comments to the press Tuesday morning; the owners’ legal team stated that the two were questioned by police, but were cooperating with the investigation. 

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