Family Targeted By Hamas Bullets Leaving Home

September 7, 2015  

The Beider family, whose children were nearly hit by bullets fired from a Hamas training facility in Gaza last week, has decided to move to another house. The new house is located in the same community – Netiva Ha’asara – but is further away from the border. Unlike their present home, which has plaster walls, which were easily pierced by the bullets, the new one has concrete walls, and it does not face Gaza.

“The incident affected us greatly,” the father, Yishai Beider, told Channel 2 Online news Tuesday. “We see no other possibility.”

Beider said that the decision to move was made immediately after the bullets hit, although initially, the family told media they were only “considering” moving. “During the day, the children are calm, but during the nights they are afraid. It was too close and we had a miracle, and we are concerned that such a miracle will not happen again.”

In any case, it seems the community is not buying the IDF’s assessment that the bullets were probably “strays,” and is convinced that someone was trying to murder the Beiders’ children. the bullets nearly missed the family’s two children, who were watching television. Bullets also struck another home in the same incident.

“When a bullet hit the synagogue in the community, two months ago, we thought it was a stray,” Aviva Fold, Head of the Emergency Team in the agricultural “moshav” community said. “When the fire strikes three homes, that is a different story that arouses suspicion. I doubt that this is really stray fire.”

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