Fallen Soldier’s Diary to Accompany Auschwitz Delegation

January 23, 2014  

Next week, a delegation of Members of Knesset, Holocaust survivors, and senior public officials will embark on a historic visit to the site of the Auschwitz death camp in Poland.

The delegates will bring with them the diary of Benaya Rein, a young soldier who fell fighting Hezbollah in the Second Lebanon War.

The diary gives an account of his visit to Poland to view historic sites related to the Holocaust. His mother Hagit told Arutz Sheva that she found the diary in the week after her son’s death.

“He didn’t write about where he was, but about what he needed to do as the grandson of Holocaust survivors and as an IDF officer,” she said.

There is another connection to the Holocaust, she continued. “Hitler didn’t care If a Jew was religious or irreligious, if he was on the political left or the right. The Palestinians and Hezbollah don’t care either,” she said.

“In the Second Lebanon War the son of [left-wing author] David Grossman was killed, my son, who was a religious settler, was killed, and a new immigrant from Russia was killed,” she noted. “The enemy doesn’t care who the Jew is as a person; his goal is to get all Jews out of here, out of our land.”

“Our role is to do the maximum we can to make this a good country, a good society with good people,” she declared.

“I’m glad that the delegates going to Poland will take Benaya’s story with them,” Rein said. “Every Member of Knesset bears the responsibility of ensuring there is never another Holocaust.”

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