Facebook Friends Attacked by PA Mob

September 14, 2012  

A group of Israeli hikers were attacked Friday while touring the Hevron region. Around 20 Arab men from the nearby Palestinian Authority town of Dura threw rocks at the 150 hikers, Tatzpit reports.

The hikers are all members of the Facebook group Amitim L’Tiulim (Hiking Together).

IDF soldiers were guarding the hikers, but were outnumbered by the mob. The soldiers threw stun grenades but failed to stop the attacks. Soldiers faced similar difficulty earlier in the week when a mob attacked the Israeli town of Esh Kodesh.

The group of hikers fled the area, and none were hurt.

“We have been hiking each Friday for four years, all around the country, but mostly in Judea and Samaria,” a hiker named Yossi told Tatzpit. “We always go with IDF authorization and protection, but despite the military security this is not the first time we’ve been attacked by Palestinians.”

Yossi revealed that the media was intimately involved in the attack. “Just a few minutes before it started about ten media people and Arab film crews arrived and started documenting,” he reported. “Apparently it was a planned provocation.”

Film crews have been accused of inciting violence in the past. In one notable case, journalists filmed Arab children attacking Jewish motorists in Jerusalem rather than reporting the assault. The resulting footage of an Arab boy being hit by a car was later found to show only part of the story.

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