Expert: People Need to Know their Data is Private

June 24, 2015  

Most people do not realize how much their data is being used for purposes they do not understand, internationally renowned security technologist Bruce Schneier told Arutz Sheva on the sidelines of the fifth annual International Cybersecurity Conference in Tel Aviv.

“Largely, I think surveillance is bad,” Schneier said, adding that surveillance is leading to a world where people are losing their abilities to speak their mind without their thoughts being recorded, “and that’s very dangerous. I’m not convinced we really understand the implications”.

At the same time, Schneier said, it is difficult to give up their cellphones or e-mail addresses because these are the “tools of modern life”.

“What I want to see is more agitation for strong privacy laws,” he added. “People really need the ability to know their data is private.”

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