Europeans, Arabs Attack Jewish Joggers Near Hevron

August 10, 2015  

Another morning, another attack on Jews in the Land of Israel – and this time, Europeans are involved.

A married couple from the community of Avigayil, in the southern Mount Hevron area, was attacked Monday morning by a large group of Arabs and European anarchists. They luckily emerged without serious injuries.

“We went on a morning jog toward the neighboring community of Maon,” Miri Madan told Arutz Sheva. “Before Maon, I felt bad, It was hot. We wanted to cut toward the main road.” To do this, they had to pass through a dirt road that bypasses a small Arab village.

Once Arab villagers spotted the couple, they whistled to each other and began gathering around them. About twenty Arabs accompanied by a group of European anarchists surrounded the two Jews and began to throw rocks at them.

“They approached us. I wanted to go back but they called an Arab vehicle that threatened us from behind, so that we couldn’t escape from there. We tried to talk to them and to explain that we are just on a morning jog, that we only want to reach the road, that we do not mean to pass through [their village] and that I don’t feel good, but it didn’t help and they coninued to threaten us that they’d kill us and slaughter us and threw rocks at us. When we saw that we had nothing to do, we went in the direction of the rocks and luckily we emerged with injuries that are not serious. They did hit us though, and they kept throwing rocks and sticks at us from behind as we emerged.”

Madan noted that the Arabs who surrounded them approached to within a few meters from them, and that they included anarchists armed with cameras.

The couple filed a police complaint and an IDF force combed the area in a search for the assailants.

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