EU Envoy: Iran Nuclear Talks Constructive

April 14, 2012  

The European foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, said that the latest talks between Iran and six world powers have been constructive and that the two sides will meet again in Baghdad on May 23.

Ashton said future talks will be guided by the “principle of a step-by-step approach and reciprocity.”

Ashton’s statement indicates that the international community may be ready to reward Iran if it alleviates concerns that it intends to militarize its nuclear program.

The rewards could include delaying or easing sanctions on the Iranian regime.

Before the meeting began, diplomats said that even if Iran expressed a general readiness to discuss its enrichment program, such progress would be considered enough of a success to warrant a follow-up round.

Earlier Saturday, one of the diplomats, who demanded anonymity due to the disclosure of confidential information, said the Iranians appeared to be moving in a direction toward engaging in discussion about the peaceful use of nuclear energy and about the non-proliferation treaty.

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