Egyptian Gas Pipeline Blown Up for 13th Time

March 5, 2012  

The pipeline which carries gas from Egypt to Israel and Jordan was blown up on Monday, for the 13th time in the past year.

According to a BBC report, the blasts happened near the town of el-Arish in the north of the Sinai desert, sending flames high into the air, witnesses said.

The Egyptian gas pipeline provides 43 percent of Israel’s natural gas. The explosion could lead to disruptions in the supply of gas, as has happened following similar explosions in the past.

The 12th attack on the pipeline took place exactly one month ago, on March 5, when masked gunmen planted explosives under the pipeline.

In January, the Egyptian military foiled a planned attack on a natural gas plant in the Sinai Peninsula. Local media reported that masked men in two four-wheel cars approached the plant, which is located 10km south of El-Arish, and attempted to plant explosives, but found the armed forces and local guards lying in wait. A gunfight ensued.

It is expected that gas fields discovered off Israel’s northern coastline will be able to supply the Jewish State with its energy needs within another two years, thus eliminating the need to rely on Egypt.

Israel’s Utilities Regulatory Commission recently said Israelis will be expected to pay even more than they already have for their electricity by the end of this secular calendar year. By the end of 2014, the price of power is expected to be 31 percent higher than it is at present.

One of the reasons cited for the increase in prices is the continuous attacks on the Egyptian pipeline.

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