Egypt Charges Two as ‘Mossad Agents’

February 18, 2014  

Egyptian prosecutors have charged two Egyptian men with spying for Israel. In addition, they are charging two alleged Israeli Mossad agents in absentia, Channel 10 reports.

The prosecution named “Shmuel Ben-Zev” and “David Weisman” as Mossad agents who had spied against Egypt.

The Egyptian accused have been identified as Ramsi Mohammed and Sahar Ibrahim.

Ramsi Mohammed is accused of having offered his services to the Mossad in 2009, in exchange for money. He is accused of having expressed his love for Israel, and of conducting sexual relationships with female Israeli agents.

He allegedly met with “Shmuel Ben-Zev” in Austria and provided details of his service in the Egyptian army. He is accused of having met with the same Israeli handler on further occasions, and training to spy on sensitive Egyptian installations.

He allegedly recruited the second suspect, a female journalist. They are accused of analyzing Egyptian current events in an attempt to assess public opinion and to predict the outcome of the revolution that overthrew President Hosni Mubarak.

They are accused of passing their assessments on to Israeli agents, who paid them for their work.

Egypt has announced the discovery of Israeli spy rings on several occasions in recent years. An Egyptian Governor also memorably blamed the Mossad for shark attacks along the Egyptian coast; later, a stork was detained by Egyptian police over fears that it was being used by Israel for spying.

A play that recently aired on Egyptian television portrays the Mossad as plotting to sow disunity in the Arab world.

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