Driver Said: ‘I’m Dying, Save Me’

January 21, 2015  

Herzl Biton, the driver of the number 40 bus that came under terrorist attack in Tel Aviv Wednesday, called his superior at the Dan bus company moments after he was stabbed and asked him to take care of his children if he dies. Biton is apparently very seriously wounded.

Kazis Matzliah, Head of Traffic Department at Dan and the person who supervises bus drivers, told IDF Radio about the conversation.

“At 7:27 I got a phone call and I recognized the number and saw that it was Herzl Biton,” he said. “I answered him and he told me, ‘a terrorist boarded my bus, he wounded me seriously, I have been stabbed. He stabbed my passengers. He wounded me seriously, blood is flowing from me, I’m going to die, save me.”

The driver added: “If something happens to me, take care of my children.”

The terrorist reportedly stabbed Biton first, and this prevented him from opening the bus’s doors to let the passengers escape. The doors were reportedly opened by one of the passengers. 

The terrorist also got off the bus and was chased by police on Hamasger Street.

A team from the Israel Prisons Service’s Nachshon unit, which accompanies suspects and prisoners to and from the courts, happened to be driving behind the bus when the attack took place. The officers got off the car and gave chase to the terrorist, shot him in the leg and arrested him. 

He is reportedly 23 years old and a resident of Tulkarem in Samaria, who was in Israel illegally.

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