Different Explosives Used in Delhi and Bangkok Attacks

February 16, 2012  

Officials in India said Thursday that the explosives used in attacks on Israeli targets in Thailand and India are not the same.

Sources from the Home Ministry told IBN-CNN that C4, a military explosive, was used in Thailand, while a nitrate and potassium-based bomb was used in Monday’s attack, targeting an Israeli diplomat’s wife in Delhi.

Tal Yehoshua-Koren, the wife of Israel’s defense attaché in Delhi, was seriously wounded when terrorists triggered an explosive device on her vehicle. Her driver and two Indian nationals who work for the embassy were lightly wounded in the blast.

Police in Georgian capital Tbilisi averted an attack about the same time as the attack in Delhi when they disabled an explosive device found in the car of an Israeli embassy employee.

On Wednesday, it was reported Delhi police had arrested five suspects and identified the motorcycle used in the attack.

However, Delhi Police Commissioner BK Gupta told reporters that while the investigation has “gathered pace,” no major breakthroughs have occured.

Meanwhile, security agencies in India, Thailand and Georgia have been coordinating their investigations into this week’s attacks.

“Government agencies got information from Georgia and Thailand regarding organizations and persons. The forensic experts are working on these leads. Analysis is also on to match things used in the Tbilisi and Bangkok strikes with those found in the Delhi incident,” an Indian intelligence official confirmed.

Indian officials – who have over USD 10 billion in Iranian trade on the line – have refused to accuse any nation or group of the bombing. However, Indian intelligence sources told the Times of India that investigators believe Iran used local proxies to carry out the attack.

Indian officials have said there will be “consequences” if Iran is found to be behind the attack. Delhi consumes 12 percent of Tehran’s exportable oil.

According to officials monitoring the case, forensic experts are trying to ascertain whether there are similarities between the twin attacks in India and Georgia, as well as the Thailand attack.

Meanwhile, another attack targeting Defense Minister Ehud Barak, was reportedly thwarted on Thursday by the Mossad and authorities in Singapore.

Israel has accused Iran of being behind the attacks. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Wednesday, “Iran is undermining the world’s stability and harms innocent diplomats. World countries must condemn Iran’s terror acts and draw a red line.”

His statement came after three Iranian men were arrested in Thailand and Malaysia in the past two days after an explosive device went off accidentally in Bangkok.

According to Bangkok police, the three were planning to attack Israeli diplomats.

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