Deri to become the first Periphery Minister

October 30, 2015  

Shas chairman and minister Aryeh Deri is expected to leave the Economy Ministry early next week, due to his refusal to sign the gas plan and to go around the Antitrust commissioner’s authority.

Deri will step down as Economy Minister, and instead be appointed as the first Periphery Minister.

There are no intentions to establish a new Periphery Ministry, but instead the portfolio for Development of the Negev and the Galil which Deri already holds will be expanded.

The government is to confirm that the ministry be given additional responsibilities over poor neighborhoods, and will likewise increase its budget.

Deri decided to leave the Economy Ministry as a means to get around having to sign the gas plan.

“It fell on me because the one appointed on the limitations didn’t want to confirm the plan and an old clause determined that I need to sign,” Deri said to Channel 2.

“I know that I can’t stop the gas plan,” claimed the Shas chairperson, explaining why he is allowing the deal to pass without being directly involved.

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