Deputy Police Commissioner Named in Sixth Police Scandal

January 27, 2015  

Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino faces yet another scandal in the police force Tuesday, after his direct subordinate was identified as the prime suspect in a sexual harassment case. 

Deputy Police Commissioner Nissim Mor has been implicated in fraternizing illicitly with a junior female police officer.

Mor, who was interrogated at the Police Investigation Unit, said tonight that he waives privilege granted by law and willing to allow the publication of his name.

Mor told Channel 2 late Monday that, as the investigation stands now, it is doubtful that he would return to service after the investigation is completed. 

Mor has become the sixth officer to be the subject of an investigation this year, in a string of scandals which have severely marked Danino’s tenure; the case is being closely examined by Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein. 

Other suspicious cases include the resignation of Judea-Samaria District Commander Koby Cohen, Niso Shaham, Roni Atiya, Bruno Stein, Menashe Arbiv and Yossi Pariente. 

A media frenzy over Pariente’s resignation in October garnered so much backlash that the Commissioner pledged to “clean up the force” and initiate a polygraph test policy for future police candidates. 

Cohen’s resignation is under similar circumstances; it was revealed just days ago that he was implicated in an inappropriate relationship with one of his subordinate officers and may have offered her career opportunities as an incentive. 

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