Danny Ayalon: Refugees Threaten to ‘Swallow’ Europe

September 3, 2015  

Despite efforts to keep them out, Europe may eventually have no choice but to accept the hordes of refugees inundating its borders, former deputy defense minister Danny Ayalon asserted Thursday. 

The refugees, almost all from the Middle East and Africa, are clearly a threat to European society, Ayalon noted, but Europe has no choice but to figure out ways to deal with the refugees – other than deporting them.

There is great opposition among local European populations to the flood of refugees, and this is a challenge to societies that have always prided themselves on their liberalism,” said Ayalon, who now heads an organization called “Israel’s Truth,” dedicated to improving Israel’s image abroad.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Ayalon said that Europe will have a hard time deporting the many refugees that have inundated the continent, much less keep new ones out.

“It’s no longer just Africans looking for work, but a wave of refugees seeking to escape from the terror of ISIS and Al Qaeda or other Islamist groups.” Those refugees are far more desperate than African workers – because they have nowhere else to go.

As a result, they are much more willing to take great risks to make it to free European countries.

Emblematic of the crisis is a heartbreaking image of a little Syrian boy lying dead on a Turkish beach which has prompted worldwide horror. The child has been identified as Aylan al-Kurdi, the son of Syrian refugees. 

The image has prompted politicians all over Europe to call for more action and assistance to the Syrian refugees.

Complicating matters for Europe is the fact that all of the continent’s countries are members of international pacts on accepting and supporting refugees.

“How will they be absorbed? Will they be allowed to become citizens, or remain disenfranchised, permitted to work but not vote? Will they end up competing with the citizens of these countries for jobs and resources?”

There are many issues that need to be worked out, asserted Ayalon, and it is not clear if Europe will be successful at doing so.

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