Cruz dominates Wyoming caucus

March 12, 2016  

With two thirds of the Wyoming caucus votes counted, Texas Senator Ted Cruz leads by more than two-to-one with 60.5% to 28.4% for Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

New York real estate mogul Donald Trump is in a distant third with 5.6%, with another 5.6% uncommitted. Ohio Governor John Kasich has yet to earn any votes.

Wyoming is one of the few states that uses a multi-stage caucus spread out over a month and a half.

On March 1st, registered Republican voters caucused across the state to choose representatives for the state and county conventions where the state’s 29 Republican National Convention delegates are actually chosen.

This Saturday the second stage of the Wyoming caucus took place, with county representatives chosen during the March 1st caucus gathering at county conventions around the state. Of Wyoming’s 29 national delegates, 12 of them will be chosen based upon Saturday’s vote.

The remainder will be selected during the state convention on April 14th.

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