Cruelty is Simply a Part of Islam, Says Expert

September 14, 2014  

Professor Rafi Israeli, an expert on Islam and the Arab world, told Arutz Sheva Sunday that while the world is appalled by Islamic State’s decapitation murders of western journalists, we must not forget that Islam kills hundreds of people daily in various hotspots throughout the globe.

“We ignore this cruelty which is an everyday occurrence,” said Israeli. In the genocide at Dafur, for instance, “Muslims killed other Muslims. They do it to their own people by the thousands. There is nothing new here.”

Prof. Israeli said that the basis for these acts is the fact that Islam has a basic disregard for human life. “For them it is not sacred, like it is for us.”

The Koran, he noted, calls on Muslims to spread terror among their enemies without specifying who they are. In effect, this statement commands a Muslim to kill and terrorize all those he perceives as enemies, including fellow Muslims. The Muslims who act upon this are fanatics who are convinced that only their beliefs are true, and everyone else is wrong – and can therefore be killed.

“Every day in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Darfur, Iraq or Yemen, they kill hundreds,” explained Israeli. “Nowhere is there such disregard for human life, like in Islam. For the Sunnis, Shiites are worse than the Jews.”

Muslim law determines that a person who was a Muslim and left the faith should be killed. Thieves’ hands are cut off, and disrespect for the prophet Mohammed is a cause for mass murder.

At the core, he added, Islam is a religious faith that lacks self confidence. Because of this, any offense to it can rattle the faith of the Muslim and therefore requires a harsh, violent and cruel reaction.

This, too, he explained, is the core reason for the demand by 57 UN member countries to pass a universal law forbidding any attack upon Islam. “This is a fanatic perception rooted in lack of confidence and a lack of conviction regarding faith.”

Prof. Israeli does not think that the problem lies only with extremist Muslims. While it is the extremists who carry out the murders, they enjoy the support of the general population. This, he added, is why the US is having such trouble cobbling together a coalition against the Islamic State. Muslims are not interested in fighting fellow Muslims and would prefer to leave the task for the West.

In this state of affairs, the expert said, there is no way to defeat Islamic State and the radical Islamic movements at present. Israel must make clear that whoever touches it will feel the great wrath of the IDF, and just as Hamas and Hezbollah understood this, so will Islamic State, he stated. 

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