Crisis continues: 2,400 homes cut off from power

October 28, 2015  

Some 2,400 households remain cut off from electricity on Wednesday evening, the Israel Electric Company (IEC) has announced. 

Following a rainstorm late Wednesday morning, several high voltage power lines were damaged in the central, Sharon and Krayot regions, leaving 15,000 homes disconnected. 

The number jumped to 20,000 in the early afternoon before dropping down to 10,000 and eventually 2,400 homes. 

The latest power outages took place a short while after the IEC reported that power had been restored to all but a few customers, a full three days after the flash storm that hit central Israel Sunday morning knocked out large parts of the electrical grid.

According to the company, IEC crews are working in the central and Sharon regions to restore power to residents. 

But flooding and traffic congestion following the heavy rains have made it more difficult for crews to reach the disconnected sections of the electrical grid. Several streets are also blocked off as a result of the storm and ongoing rain. 

“This is a dynamic and changing situation,” the Israel Electric Company said.  

Earlier on Wednesday, mayors of cities in the Sharon region expressed outrage at the continued power outages and demanded a commission of inquiry into the IEC’s “contemptuous” handling of the crisis. 

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