Counter Terrorism Bureau Asks Israelis to be Alert

September 5, 2012  

The National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Bureau issued on Wednesday a travel warning to various destinations around the world. The warning comes ahead of the Tishrei holidays, during which many Israelis travel abroad.

The warning stressed that “in the wake of the string of attacks and attempted attacks that occurred this year, Iran and Hizbullah are continuing their increased efforts to implement additional attacks, focusing on the intent to harm Israeli tourist destinations around the world.”

The Counter-Terrorism Bureau warned of the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks which will be marked in a few days, saying that “this day may be a preferred date for attacks by Al-Qaeda and global jihad networks around the world, even against Israeli and Jewish targets in various areas.”

In addition to Arab countries, Somalia and Sudan are included as destinations for which the warning is the most serious. Egypt and Jordan are included in the list of destinations for which there is a second-level warning.

The warning specifically mentioned the Sinai Peninsula, saying that Israelis should avoid any visit to that area.

In general, said the Counter-Terrorism Bureau, Israelis in all countries of the world should pay extra attention to security issues and maintain a high level of sensitivity and alertness.

Last month, the Counter-Terrorism Bureau issued a serious warning against travelling to the Sinai Peninsula, and called on Israelis vacationing in the area to leave immediately.

It was later reported that the warning was prompted by the release of an Al-Qaeda operative from a prison in Gaza and his return to Sinai.

Several attempts by Iran and Hizbullah to carry out terrorist attacks against Israelis around the world have been foiled in the past year. In July, the terrorists were able to carry out one attack, killing six Israelis on a tourist bus in Burgas, Bulgaria.

Other attempts were foiled in Cyprus, Kenya and Azerbaijan, among others.

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