Could Israel Succeed In Attacking Iran?

February 25, 2012  

If Israel tries to single-handedly bomb Iran to set back its nuclear program, a number of factors make the likelihood of success very doubtful.

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  1. Peace Man says:

    After watching this video I dont think it’s possible to pull it off. But if any country can do it, it would be Israel.

  2. Stephen says:

    Question should be, will they surive not attacking Iran. Will Isreal put its Faith in trusting what the world wants them to do and place trust that Iran will be more responcible that North Korea, I’d ask Japan if they regret not sending N. Korea back 20 years . Isreal needs to know that God has already tied the Hands of Her enemies and that we all knew these things wrer gonna play out, when and How is still in Isreals Hands. Furthermore, the same God that was with you then, is with you now!

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