Corporal Sheetrit Elhai Killed as Army Vehicle Flips Over

April 3, 2014  

An IDF soldier was killed, and another soldier wounded lightly, as the military vehicle they were driving in crashed and flipped over on Thursday.

The soldier’s name has been released by the IDF: Corporal Sheetrit Elhai z”l, a 19-year-old from Ashkelon. He will be buried tomorrow (Friday) at 12 p.m. in the Ashkelon military cemetery.

The IDF noted in a statement that the tragic crash occurred in the western Galilee, near Kibbutz Malkiya, which is located right on the border with Lebanon.

The wounded soldier was evacuated to a local hospital to receive medical treatment.

Notifications of the soldier’s death have been passed on to the family, reports the IDF.¬†Circumstances of the crash are currently being investigated.

Israel has been on high alert on the Lebanese border, after an explosive was set on the border and detonated as an IDF patrol passed nearby in mid-March. While none were injured, three soldiers were checked for shock from the blast. Terror suspects days later were chased away from the border.

Earlier on Thursday, a fatal traffic accident occurred on Highway 6 near the Sorek Interchange in the central coastal region of Israel.

In the crash, a truck overturned, leaving a 60-year-old man dead and two others injured, one with moderate and the other light wounds. Magen David Adom (MDA) paramedics attempted to save the man, but were forced to declare him dead at the scene.

The two other injured were transferred to a hospital for continued medical care.

Due to the crash, Highway 6 has been closed from Sorek Interchange in the north-bound direction.

A crash on Highway 6 near Sorek Interchange last August left four dead; among the four were two IDF soldiers.

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