Controversy over Nationalists’ ‘Eternal Jew’ Video

February 15, 2015  

The grassroots Samaria Regional Council has produced a highly controversial animated video (embedded above) that shows leftist groups that “tattle” on Israel and the IDF in a way similar to how Nazis depicted Jews in their anti-Semitic propaganda.

The video’s message is that while leftists may think that Europe has changed since the Holocaust, the Europeans see them in the same way that they saw Jews in those dark days – as they pay them money to betray their countrymen.

It is called “The Eternal Jew?” – just like the title of the infamous 1940 Nazi propaganda film, but with a question mark at the end.

The video shows a hook-nosed figure accepting repeated payments of euros from a German-accented master for carrying out various provocations that are used in leftist-controlled media to portray Israel in a bad light: from sawing down trees in order to blame “the settlers,” to manufacturing faux news reports about supposed IDF cruelty and abuse of Arab human rights.

The video ends with the German master suggesting that the Jew “take care” of himself – and the Jew ending his own life.

Dani Dayan, the former head of the Yesha Council, an unofficial organization of Judea and Samaria local leaders, attacked the Samaria Regional Council for creating the video.

“As a resident of Samaria for 26 years, I wish to state again that this council does not represent me. I am convinced that it does not represent most of the residents of Samaria,” he wrote on Facebook. Dayan said that TV Channels 2 and 10 as well as Kol Yisrael pubic radio asked him to speak about the video but he refused to do so. He called on other leaders to speak up, hinting strongly that they were averse to doing so although they share his views. 

Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett said that while he agrees with the video’s content, he finds its style to be wrong. Europe does, indeed, fund leftist organizations that harm IDF soldiers, he said, “and groups like B’tselem and Yesh Din collect information on IDF soldiers and pass it on to the enemy and the Goldstone report.”

Incitement works both ways in Israel, he noted. “Not a day goes by in which I do not receive messages that I am a fascist, a murderer,” said Bennett, reminding his audience of an appearance before the Haaretz Conference in which he was attacked physically.

He added that he opposes making censorship of content on the internet stricter, saying: “We need to tolerate the things that are hard to bear.”

“I oppose using Nazi images regarding what is happening in Israel,” he stated, however. “The Holocaust was a singular event.”

‘Lowly Jew-boys’

The Samaria Regional Council’s head, veteran Samaria settlement leader Benny Katzover, told Army Radio that he had “censored” some elements in the video and that the version uploaded was actually softer than the original. However, he noted – “we included some sharp elements in it on purpose.”

“There were even more extreme images in there, because the image of leftist organizations that woo the greatest anti-Semites is despicable, but we know that the Israeli ear is sensitive to overdoses, so we made it more delicate,” he explained.

“The video is about the shameful phenomenon in which Israeli leftist groups receive funding from anti-Semitic Israel-hating elements in Europe,” Katzover told Channel 2. “What would you call a Jew who collaborates with them? A lowly ‘Jew-boy’ whose acts need to be publicized, so that maybe he will stop them.”

“The huge nose is an anti-Semitic motif,” Katzover admitted, and we used these motifs because these are lowly ‘Jew-boys’ who are able to receive their payment from anti-Semitic elements.”

“The Jewish nose is their symbol and they are the ones who want to continue what Nazi Germany started, and finish off the state of Israel – and it is a disgrace that there are Jews who are ready to collaborate with them.”

The Meretz faction has asked the Attorney General to investigate the Samaria Residents’ Council over the video. MK Michal Rozin wrote: “The Samaria Residents’ Council’s anti-Semitic video is additional proof of the radicalization and hatred of the settlers to toward the Left. The settlers’ political leadership needs to wake up and put an end to the pointless hatred, so that they do not wake up one second after the next bullet or hand grenade and shout ‘blank, blank, these are just stray weeds.’”

“Blank, blank” is what the a member of the security detail guarding Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin shouted immediately after Rabin was shot by an assassin on November 4, 1995. He is believed to have thought that the bullets fired at Rabin were blanks, and not live ones. 

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