Consecutive Life Sentences for Mother Who Murdered her Daughters

December 29, 2014  

Lod Magistrates Court has sentenced Raanana resident Michal Aloni to two consecutive life sentences for murdering her two young daughters in 2010.

In October of that year, Aloni strangled six-year-old Roni and four-year-old Nathalie to death in a callous act of murder. Aloni plead temporary insanity, and her motive has not been determined, but a psychiatric evaluation ruled she was fit to stand trial.

She claimed she heard voices and was urged “by Satan” to murder her children; but based on the evaluation Judge Ruth Lorakh ruled that even if Aloni was suffering from mental health issues they were not sufficiently severe to absolve her of responsibility for her actions.

In September she was found guilty of both murders.

“We are not talking about a one-off death but two shocking murders,” Judge Lorakh said in handing down the sentence Monday, adding that only such a harsh sentence could set an effective deterrent.

“The two murders were carried out separately, in the face of resistance from each of the victims, which needs to be reflected in the punishment,” her statement continued.

In addition to the consecutive life sentences, Aloni will have to pay the girls’ father, Amos Aloni, half a million shekels, and a further 100,000 shekels to each of his two remaining children.

During the trial, the grieving father recalled the shocking moment Aloni informed him she had murdered their two daughters, and had called for her to pay the highest possible price for her acts.

“The fact that she picked up the telephone to call me, on that very day at 13:10 in the afternoon, and said to me ‘I strangled the two girls,’ will not leave my mind. How can you reduce her punishment after a sentence like that? This is a personal holocaust for me.”

“These were brutal murders carried out against the young daughters of the defendant, despite their resistance and cries,” which could only justify the harshest possible sentence Judge Lorakh summarized, noting that “Roni’s murder was carried in front of Nathalie’s eyes.”

Aloni first strangled her six-year-old as Nathalie lay crying on the bed next to her, before murdering her as well.

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  1. IsraeliGirl143 says:

    This is so sad and disgusting 🙁 What could possibly motivate someone to murder helpless children?

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