Concrete Bunkers Protect Israeli TV from Missiles

May 15, 2012  

Part of Israel’s preparation for war includes building a new TV station under concrete bunkers 23 feet underground in Haifa.

Hizbullah missiles in the Second Lebanon War in 2006 knocked telecasts in northern Israel off the air.

The Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) showed off its new underground studio to the media on Monday, RTT News reported. It was built seven meters – 23 feet – underground and its concrete walls are 12 inches thick. The control room includes a radio booth.

The underground studio will allow the broadcast of news and emergency information in time of war, and the IBA plans to build similar facilities in three other cites. They were not named, but one of them presumably will be in metropolitan Tel Aviv.

The talk of a regional or even world war has been in the air the past two years as Iran continues to develop unsupervised nuclear facilities while evidence piles up that it is trying to manufacture a nuclear weapon.

One of the obstacles to a military attack on Iran’s nuclear plants is their being located underneath concrete bunkers located in mountainous areas.

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