Comptroller: Israel’s Homefront Not Prepared for War

December 20, 2011  

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss slammed the Israel’s top security officials on Tuesday saying Israel is short on bomb shelters and ill-prepared to defend its citizenry should war break out.

The state comptroller’s annual report, published in part on Tuesday, blasted officials saying Israel “has not learned the lessons from the 2006 Lebanon war.”

During that conflict dozens of Israeli civilians were killed by Hizbullah rockets.

Terrorists in Gaza and Lebanon have exerted themselves in recent years in stockpiling large stores of rockets as a means of striking Israel as they do not pose a significant territorial threat at present.

The report blames official bodies, including the military and the Interior Ministry, for “serious lapses” in wartime readiness.

It says some government bodies are shirking their responsibilities and not investing needed funds in preparedness plans.

The report specified there are not enough bomb shelters in schools and public places, leaving hundreds of thousands of Israelis unprotected in case of attack

IDF Homefront Command chief Maj. Gen. Eyal Eisenberg said earlier this month his command had made significant strides in building emergency communications infrastructure and response plans – as well as conducting extensive civil defense drills.

At the time Eisenberg did say there were significant shortfalls his command was seeking to address – among them being the poor distribution of gas masks among the Israeli populace.

While funding exists for 95% of the population to receive a mask, only 60% have actually obtained them, according to Eisenberg.

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