Coins to be Awarded to Israeli Olympic Medalists

March 22, 2012  

The coin, designed by David Harel, features an impressive athletic victory, with a ribbon flying in the air in the shape of a Star of David. On the other side of the coin, the ribbon, waving in the air forms an Israeli flag, illustrating strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and grace. 

The field of gymnastics, which is divided primarily into rhythmic and artistic disciplines, was chosen to be featured on the coin in anticipation of Israel winning a medal in the field. 

Alex Shatilov, Irina Risenzon, and Neta Rivkin of the Israeli delegation, all placed in the top 10 in their events at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and continue to set their sights high. 

The delegation noted their goals, saying they hope “to come home with Olympic Medals for the 6th consecutive time. To have an Israeli female athlete awarded a medal on the winners’ platform. To win an Olympic medal in a sport in which Israel has not yet won.”

The coin was presented to the Olympic Committee for Israel Chairman, Zvi Varshaviak and Managing Director, Ephraim Singer. The presentation ceremony took place on Monday March 19 at the offices of the Olympic Committee in Tel Aviv.

The “Gymnastics Coin,” presented in small boxes with imbedded personal dedications, will be awarded to the athletes who win Olympic medals- silver coins to the winner of bronze medals, gold coins to the winners of silver medals and sets of one gold and two silver coins to winners of gold medals.

The 22 karat gold coin contains half an ounce of fine gold, bears a face value of 10 Shekels and has a maximum mintage of 555 coins. The two silver coins weigh 28.8 grams (just under one ounce) and 14.4 grams (just under half an ounce) and bear two Shekel and one Shekel face values.  

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