Clinton edges Sanders in Iowa

February 2, 2016  

If Iowa is going to be an example of what is to come in the Democratic primary election, than Hilary Clinton has a lot to worry about.

In a very small margin, the former Secretary of State pulled out a victory in the first primary election by a almost unidentifiable 0.4 percent over Senator Bernie Sanders. Clinton received 49.9 percent of the votes whereas Sanders received 49.5 percent of the vote, with another five percent going to Maryland Senator Martin O’Malley who has since pulled out of the race for the Democratic nomination. 

Clinton announced her victory by a small margin before the final and official numbers have been released. 

“I am running to change the status quo and improve the lives of American citizens,” Clinton said in her speech to her supporters. “I will do that by strengthening my candidacy for the White House.”

Clinton lost eight years ago in the primary against current President Barack Obama. 

Supporters of Bernie Sanders are very happy with results of the vote and believe that it sends a clear message to Clinton that the gap between the two candidates is not nearly as wide as she had thought.

“We are making the voice of the people heard,” said one enthusiastic supporter. “Tonight we began a political revolution that will only increase as time goes on,” he added. 

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