Children simulate terror attacks in Gaza play

May 9, 2016  

Gazan children practice acts of terror against Israelis and Jews in an annual play, the Middle Eastern Research Media Institute (MEMRI) revealed Monday – as part of a “Childhood Festival.” 

Footage of the festival in Khan Younis surfaced last week. 

In the play, a girl dressed as a veiled Palestinian woman pushes an Israeli “policeman” in defiance while weapons are trained on her, children throw stones at “policemen,” and young boys dressed in military fatigues emerge from a “tunnel” to take an “Israeli soldier” prisoner. A girl recites a poem called upon children to “die as a martyr, and blow up the enemies.” 

Later, little Gazan boys are seen simulating the abduction of an Israeli soldier via a terror tunnel. 

After this, the children simulate throwing rocks at praying haredi Jews, and confronting Israeli policemen with the phrase, “The young people of Jerusalem are staging a knife revolution!”

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