Chief of Staff: IDF Ready for Anything

May 27, 2015  

The IDF on Wednesday celebrated the 61st graduating class of the army’s General Officer’s Course. The ceremony was held at the IDF base in Kibbutz Gelilot in central Israel, with the participation of IDF Chief of Staff Gen. Gadi Eisenkott.

During the ceremony, Eisenkott told the graduating officers that they had “completed their training at a time when major changes are taking place in the Middle East. As officers who will be involved in the management and strategic direction of the IDF. We will continue to carry out our missions in the face of the threats and challenges arrayed against us in order to ensure a normal life for everyone, on both sides of the border.

“Just last night we receive a reminder of the fragile situation we face,” said Eisenkott, referring to the firing of a rocket on southern Israel by Palestinian Arab terrorists in Gaza. “We are require to act decisively to meet these challenges and ensure that the IDF is able to deflect those threats.”

Air raid sirens sounded in towns across southern Israel Tuesday evening at 9:02 p.m, as the IDF confirmed that at least one Grad rocket fired from Gaza struck near the community of Gan Yavneh, near Ashdod. Some residents of the south reported seeing Iron Dome missile defense batteries deploying to intercept at least one incoming rocket. Sirens were heard in Ashdod, Ashkelon and in numerous towns and villages in the Lachish and Hof Ashkelon regions close to Gaza. No injuries were reported.

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