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May 5, 2015  

CHAZAQ has proudly built a reputation of inspiring and entertaining children, teenagers and adults for nearly a decade via their wide array of programs and services. Though, just when you thought they have done enough, over the past several months they have taken matters to the next level.  
During the month of February, CHAZAQ partnered up with E-Squared in launching an all new professional Teens Basketball league. The first season has been quite impressive with exciting and competitive games throughout its duration. Six teams consisting of over 50 boys meet up of for practice sessions on Thursday nights and then duel it out in local gyms on Monday nights. The league currently attracts boys from Forest Hills, Rego Park, Kew Garden Hills, Jamaica Estates, Fresh Meadows, and Great Neck.
“It’s a great way for teenage boys to get together for a competitive game in a good and safe environment” says CHAZAQ’s operations manager Yaniv Meirov. “With the help of our friends from E-Squared we were able to bring in professional coaches and referees to add a more serious element to this league thereby allowing us to discipline the boys to play in a clean and competitive environment”.
Many of the teens participating in the league have now also joined CHAZAQ’s afterschool programs for local teenagers, which meets up several times a week in Forest Hills. In the month of March, over 20 of the boys experienced an inspirational Shabbaton in Lakewood, New Jersey along with an exciting trip of paintballing. “It was a Shabbat in heaven” said one of the participants, some of whom experienced their first “real Shabbat” in their life.
Though, it’s not only the boys that are having a good time, the CHAZAQ teen’s division for girls has been thriving as well. Activities, group sessions and trips have been the norm for the girls, many of whom have made great strides in their personal development. “The program is so chilled yet very educational” said one participant who attends Esther Shamayev’s Mondays and Wednesday learning groups. “We all grow together and have a great time.”
Mid-March featured CHAZAQ’s third annual Big Event. Though unlike previous years in which it took place at Forest Hills High School, this year’s Big Event took place in Queens College which holds over 2,000 seats, doubling that of the aforementioned venue. This year’s Big Event was once again very inspirational, featuring renowned lecturers Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein and Mr. Charlie Harari. Words of inspiration were also offered by Rabbi Yitzchok Oelboum and Chazaq Director Rabbi Ilan Meirov. On the entertainment side of things, Renowned mentalist, Marc Salem, wowed the crowd with his amazing stunts while renowned singer Avraham Fried got the crowd going with his classic hits.
Lastly, on Chol Hamoed Pesach, CHAZAQ hosted a super duper show for hundreds of children featuring Uncle Moishe, Bello, and the renowned band known as 8th day. The boys and girls in attendance cheered joyfully (together with their parents!) and sang along with great excitement in this very special event.
To be notified of future CHAZAQ programs and events or to sponsor an event for any occasion please email or call 718-440-2391

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