Charlie Hebdo Attack Was Just ‘A Matter of Time’

January 9, 2015  

Wednesday’s horrific rampage at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris was a “matter of time,” the head of France’s Terror Victims Association stated Friday. 

“Anyone who works in this field [terrorism and security – ed.] knew that a terror attack was on its way – we didn’t know where or when, but we knew it was coming,” Guillaume de Saint Marc, head of  l’Association Française des Victimes du Terrorisme (AFVT), stated to IDF Radio Friday. “This attack is not the last.” 

“The way French society has responded to the attack is emotional and unexpected,” he added, opining that this attack marks a “turning point” for French society at large. Support for the victims has been unprecedented. 

‘We have received many phone calls from victims of past terror attacks,” he said. “Just today a woman called me who had been injured in a synagogue bombing. We will all march together [in solidarity] on Sunday, and we are also expected to include people from Morocco and Israel in our demonstration to show the unity, diversity, and strength of terror victims.”

AFVT will meet with the families of the twelve killed in the attack next week. 

“I spoke with some of the relatives,” Saint Marc stated. “I will see everyone next week, where I will present them with all the services France has to offer, with government agencies at their service to rehabilitate them and help them cope in the weeks and years to come.” 

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