CBS: Better Salaries and More Jobs in 2014, So Far

July 6, 2014  

The average salary in Israel in April 2014 was NIS 9,271, with 3,226,000 people employed, the Central Bureau of Statistics said Sunday. The average salary during the period was up 0.8% over the figures for the same period in 2013, the data showed.

Out of those employed, the data showed, 2.1 million (65.1%) were employees in private, non-financial service businesses. The average salary for these workers was NIS 9,718 per month. Among government employees, who constituted 609,100, or 18.9%, of all employees, the average salary was NIS 9,431.

The picture was far different in the financial services industry – including banks, investment funds, pension fund administrators, insurance companies, and the like – where the average salary was NIS 17,483. A total of 103,100, or 3.2% of all employees, were employed in this sector. There are also 205,700 household help workers, including cleaning and cooking personnel and staff working in homes and institutions. Among these employees, the average salary is NIS 4,202.

There were 0.2% more salaried jobs available in the period February-April 2014 than a year before, the data showed.

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