Catch the action: IDF blows up terrorist’s home

November 16, 2015  

The IDF has released video of the overnight operation on Sunday night, in which it demolished the home in Qalandiya in the north of Jerusalem belonging to Mohammed Abu Shahin, the terrorist who murdered Danny Gonen last June.


Courtesy IDF Spokesperson Unit

In the course of the demolition, three Arab terrorists opened fire on the IDF forces, who responded by shooting them dead.

Abu Shahin shot Gonen dead while he was hiking near the town of Dolev, north of Jerusalem, and wounded his friend.

The demolition of the terrorist’s home was made possible after the High Court ruled in favor of the demolitions on Thursday, after initially ordering a pause in the policy to allow for a legal review due to appeals by far-left NGOs.

From the video, it appears that the structure was not completely demolished, since the form of the roof can still be seen intact even after the detonation.

Operating as it does under strict High Court supervision, the IDF sometimes elects not to completely destroy structures, but to cause only partial damage, supposedly focusing only on the part of the structure that was used by the terrorist. Critics have claimed such damage can be quickly repaired, thereby negating the deterrent aspect of the move.

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